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Levitra is a popular drug for the treatment of impotence that contains an efficient and safe active ingredient - Vardenafil. This compound has received the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration. Levitra is intended for oral administration and works by increasing the blood flow into the penis allowing the patient to have a sexual intercourse. Levitra has been reported to significantly improve sexual function regardless of age and particular health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. This medicine comes in 2.5-mg, 5-mg, 10-mg, and 20-mg tablets depending on the patient and the doctor's prescription.

Although taking blood pressure medication may in some cases be a contraindication, the doctor will often prescribe a dose of Levitra low enough to avoid interference at the same time sufficient to get and maintain a stable erection. Among the most commonly reported side effects there are flushing, mild headache, runny or stuffy nose. However, all the side effects mentioned are likely to go away on their own. If you feel the side effects you experience are serious and require medical attention please contact your doctor as soon as possible to avoid complications.

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